The Gluckman Report – New Zealand Meth Fraud

The Gluckman Report – New Zealand Meth Fraud

The Gluckman Report – P was for Panic

The Meth Screen Fraud has landed in Australia

Last week the New Zealand Meth testing industry was dealt a severe blow in the form of the Gluckman report.  The big fraud of meth contamination has finally had its lid lifted and it is clear that it was a rort perpetrated by New Zealand meth industry players who profited by the fear they created.

Housing minister Phil Twyford had long been campaigning against the rort perpetrated by the New Zealand meth testing industry players.  As soon as Twyford got into power he commissioned the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser Peter Gluckman to look into the meth testing and decontamination industry and the science behind it.  Prior to taking office Twyford had campaigned against a lack of regulation of methamphetamine testing and remediation. To their critics, the testers were self-interested alarmists that pushed up insurance premiums and creating unnecessary hardship and costs for many.

Last week the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser Sir Peter Gluckman said that there’s absolutely no evidence in the medical literature anywhere in the world, of anybody being harmed by passive exposure to methamphetamine at any level.

According to reports coming out of New Zealand it is likely that as a result of the Gluckman report that the New Zealand standards of 1.5µgrams per 100cm² will be relaxed.

Originally the Ministry of Health contamination guidelines were designed for acceptable levels after ex Meth labs had been remediated, it seems that this fact went missing and all of a sudden it applied to all properties.  The New Zealand meth industry either forgot to differentiate between contamination from smoking and contamination caused by cooking or they deliberately misused the guidelines to profit. Thanks to Sir Peter Gluckman we have been reminded that there is a difference and in short it is this “smoke residue from smoking methamphetamine does not need to be re-mediated unless it is at very high levels”

As a result of the hoax perpetrated by the New Zealand meth testing industry some people have been evicted from their New Zealand homes for less methamphetamine that can be found on a $10 note, some of these same New Zealand industry payers are now here in Australia and using the same fear tactics to push for costly remediation.

RNZ political reporter Benedict Collins said that the meth-testing industry were misusing the guidelines which were only ever meant for meth labs and they’re using these guidelines to police personal use.

It is with great hope that the fear created by the New Zealand meth testing industry will not replicate itself in Australia in the form of incestuous self interested relationships. Contact us if you would like more information on this topic or if you have something to share email or fill in our contact form.

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