Clandestine Meth Labs – Drug Lab Statistics

Clandestine Meth Labs – Drug Lab Statistics

Clandestine Meth Labs continue to soar.

Almost every indicator on Methamphetamine is on the rise. Clandestine Meth labs detection are on the rise year on year and continues to grow. Meth drug busts are up, meth drug seizures at our borders are up and therefore it just makes sense that Meth related crime is also on the increase.

The graph above shows just how much the drug ice as changed over recent years.  Precise information on purity is not available, but as indicated in the graph above, all states and territories reported increased median purity of analysed methamphetamine samples in 2012–13, with Victoria reporting the highest in the last decade.

Australia/s insatiable desire for Methamphetamine continues to astound the rest of the world. Meth use in this country is bigger than Cocaine and Heroin combined.

Clandestine Meth Labs Drug Statistics

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