Meth Testing Kit Perth

Meth Testing Kit Perth

Meth Testing Kit Perth

An article published in March 2017 painted Perth as the Meth capital of Australia and possibly the world, that’s a very bold statement and a good reason to have available a DIY meth testing kit that gives you a result in under 5 minutes. You might ask how can meth usage of various cities around the world be known – well it’s all in the water and it can be pin pointed to suburb.  Water testing and analysis has been conducted for years to measure and interpret drug use with national populations. The Australian Government has adopted the same methods and developed and launched a  National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program in 2016.

The proof is in the water, 51 sewage treatment plants were sampled and analysed across Australia.  A covert testing program tested for 13 legal and illegal drugs which  included cocaine, MDMA, meth, cocaine, fentanyl, oxycodone, tobacco, alcohol and meth.

Through Wastewater testing and analysis that is widely applied internationally WA has been confirmed  as the methamphetamine capital of Australia.

According to some report meth usage in Western Australia is equal to 1.5 tonnes annually, that figure is hard to fathom so the question being asked is where do they get it, do they cook or is it imported?

If you are concerned about Meth labs in your rental property and would like to purchase your own meth instant DIY kit then you can purchase online. If you are in the business of testing houses for methamphetamine or wanting to set up a new business then fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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